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Great piece - this drama eluded me, so I need to read the RS article! Loved the article you linked to about your back-and-forth following a celebrity interview - that sounds intense. I once had someone complain quite vociferously about (what I felt was) a positive review of their concert I'd written. It sucks!

Ps. Happy birthday.

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Thanks so much Fraser! God yes I recently heard of a band lambasting someone for a four star review! Absurd.

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I must have missed the RS article but will go read asap! When I saw the trailer for ‘Idol’ I couldn’t help but be aware that Lily Rose Depp is 23 and I know I felt like an adult at that age but I wondered if it’s an examination of the sexualisation / fetishisation of young women and how they are moulded into objects by the music industry, or if the movie is simply doing just that because sex does sell (and men are at the helm). Isn’t there a clever way to explore those themes without perpetuating them further in the art? Maybe it’s cause I’m getting older, but damn she is so young. It’s complicated, and confusing, but I’m glad that RS may speak of similar concerns.

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