Welcome to PassTheAux

Hi! I’m Eleanor Halls, Associate Editor of Telegraph Culture, and the Telegraph’s Music Editor.

I launched PassTheAux after realising that my inbox was sorely lacking in pitches from women journalists, particularly about music. As a woman in music myself, I know how daunting this male-dominated space can be. After a successful Twitter callout to see, was anybody out there?, I was greeted with thousands of replies from women journos eager to make their mark.

So, PassTheAux was born, as a resource for me to share my humble tips, experiences, failures and learnings with other writers. Plus, I thought it would be a great way for me to shout-out all the brilliant journalists I commission on a monthly basis, and to share their work.

Please subscribe, share, and get in touch! I’m on eleanorahalls@gmail.com or @eleanorhalls1